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 Rules of Arcanite

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PostSubject: Rules of Arcanite   Rules of  Arcanite Icon_minitimeSat Jul 13, 2013 8:46 pm

In-Game Rules

Do not advertise anything that's not associated with Arcanite. This goes for other servers, ads, and what not.
Do not exploit or tell anyone any bugs you find. Report it to an Administrator or owner as soon as possible.
Asking for staff is absolutely not allowed.
Do not disrespect or impersonate staff members.
Flaming, trolling, swearing is not allowed and can be subject to a mute without warning.
Do not speak of hacking or DDoS/DoS'ing a user at all, we takes things like that very seriously.
Do not ask staff in-game to undo punishments e.g Mute/Jail.
Do not irritate/waste staff members time.
Do not question decisions or choices made by staff.
Do not autotype anywhere.
Do not disrespect staff members, They are here to help you.
Do not disrespect other members.
No racism is allowed what so ever, you will be muted without any warning.

Forum Rules

Do not advertise anything that is not related to Arcanite. This goes for Servers, ads and what not
Do not spam our forums. Put care and quality into your posts and threads.
Do not grave dig or "bump" threads under a 48 hours of last post. (Does not count for off-topic forum)
Your signature must not be huge.
Do not post low quality threads or posts. Act with maturity.
Do not be racist or abusive.
Do not post any explicit pornography or any porn related GIF images. If images or website contains a weak amount of pornography, you must specify in the thread/post.

Shout Box Ruless

Do not spam at all, you will instantly be banned from the shout box.
Do not be abusive or flame over the shout box.
If you have a thread to share, post it once per 5 minutes.
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Rules of Arcanite
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